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Restoration & Service

At Frank & Camille’s West, we understand that a piano is often much more than an instrument. It can be the centerpiece of a home, a childhood memory, the purchase of a lifetime, and even a family heirloom. But as much as we love the pianos from our past, and want to pass them down for generations to come, any amount of neglect or lack of upkeep over time can take its toll. And before you know it, the piano you once loved has become the piano you’re not sure what to do about.

That’s why you come to us. Frank & Camille’s West is a leader in piano restoration. Our experienced technicians will work with you to find the best solution for that special piano in your life, regardless of how long it has gone unused or been in disrepair. Every story is different, and for that reason, we will listen to yours, find out your piano’s history, learn what it means to you, and, based on that, outline a restoration strategy unique to your needs.

Contact us today to speak with a qualified member of our staff about your restoration questions, and concerns. No project is too big or small, too old or new. In fact, we believe that with the proper care and restoration, a piano can last forever. And if for whatever reason we conclude that your piano does not need to be restored, but perhaps can benefit from other options, we will be the first to let you know. For more about tuning your piano, please visit our FAQ page.

It is a privilege for us to be given the opportunity to work on the special pianos in our customer’s lives. From personal repair and in-home tuning visits to full-service restorations at our 150-year-old facility, we promise that the piano you remember will be the piano you play again.


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