Casio Celviano GP-300 Grand Hybrid Digital Piano


GP-300BK in Satin Black Finish

Maker of the highest class of upright and grand pianos, C. Bechstein collaborates with Casio Electronic Musical Instrument Corporation to create a series of Hybrid pianos. By blending a world class grand piano with outstanding digital technology, Casio introduces the Celviano Grand Hybrid GP-300 Digital Piano, a masterful hybrid for any modern, discerning pianist.


Casio Celviano Grand Hybrid GP-300 Digital Piano

The Casio Celviano GP-300 Grand Hybrid piano is a wonderful hybrid piano for the most discerning of pianists. Working with the famous C. Bechstein piano makers, Casio released the GP-300.


The GP-300 features three pianos that originate from Berlin, Hamburg, and Vienna. Each of these pianos were carefully scrutinized, in order to preserve the unique properties of each piano. Most notably, the Berlin Grand Piano sound was modeled after the D282 of C. Bechstein’s grand pianos, to deliver a clear, balanced, and elegant sound.

Casio utilized their new AiR Grand Sound Source for the GP-300, which features Multi-dimensional Morphing. The Multi-dimensional Morphing provides smooth changes between playing extreme dynamics. The GP-300 also incorporates String Resonance, exposing harmonic relationships between various strings when keys are played.


The GP-300 has a realistic acoustic keyboard touch, due to the revolutionary Natural Grand Hammer Action keyboard. With full-length, wooden keys, the action mechanism uses real hammers that follow the same motion as hammers in a concert grand piano. With the lifted lid, players can see the hammers in motion through a clear panel. Going beyond a standard acoustic mechanism, this new action allows faster note repetition than acoustic pianos, while maintaining a true piano touch.


Players can choose from a variety of acoustic environments, such as concert halls, opera houses, cathedrals and other performance spaces around the world with the GP-300. The Concert Play features allows pianists to play with a programmed orchestral accompaniment music. With works by Tchaikovsky, Pachelbel, and Smetana the Concert Play features many beloved works by renowned famous composers. To facilitate practice, the music can be slowed down. Metronome and internal recorder are included, excellent for students. v=7uaC8XlWLhs



  • 3 Grand Piano tones (Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna)
  • AiR Grand Sound Source
  • Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard
  • Grand Acoustic System
  • Grand Pedal System
  • Adjustable lid position
  • Concert Play (15 titles)
  • Music Library (60 titles)
  • MIDI and audio recording
  • USB to host and device
  • 26 tones



Height: 37.91″ (96.3 cm)

Width: 56.46″ (143.4 cm)

Depth: 19.25″ (48.9 cm)

*without score stand


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